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NOIR Mylar Bags POW x 100 qty.


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HD Vinyl Sticker Mylar Bags 100 Quantity

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There is a small border around the sticker from the mylar bag (NOT SEEN IN PICTURE).

Click here to get this same bag in a lower quantity.  Get as few as 1 bag.  Same price per unit!

NOIR Mylar Bags POW x 100 qty.

NOIR Mylar Bags POW x 100 qty.

There is a small border around the sticker from the mylar bag (NOT SEEN IN PICTURE).

The picture shows the 3.5g bag but if you choose another size, the text will be updated according to what bag you choose.

You get 100 bags.

Sticker Mylar Bag Sizes

  • (3.00″ x 4″) 1g
  • (3.50″ x 5″) 3.5g
  • (4.00″ x 6″) 7g
  • (5.75″ x 9″) 28g
  • (9.00″ x 11″) 112g

High-Definition Vinyl Sticker Mylar Bags

These are HD 4800DPI vinyl sticker bags.  We use a proprietary method to apply a high-quality vinyl sticker to a mylar bag blank, similar to how a vinyl wrap is applied to a car.  The result is stunning and looks much better than printed bags.

Did you know many brands use these sticker bags as their official prototype bags before committing to printing them in volume?  That makes these sticker bags more official than printed bags.  For example, if you get a sticker bag from Sprinklez (Torch) you know you got the bag from the source.

Custom Mylar Bag

You can use this listing to get custom mylar bags made.

Want to customize your own bags?  Reach out to us to discuss your project.

For quantities less than 100 bags, your design must be ready to print with no editing needed.  If you’re getting 100 or more custom bags made, we are happy to help you design your bag for FREE.

Free Design Services Include:

  • Adding symbols like the Cali warning symbol and other standard text,
  • Adding a QR code that links to your Instagram, test results or anything else,
  • We use AI services like Stable Diffusion XL to completely make your idea come to life with just a small description of your idea.

Check out our custom labels to add a label to the back side of the bag for added authenticity.


Loud420Labels & Mylar Bags

Discover the Gold Standard in Protective Packaging with Our Mylar Bags

Step up your storage game with our top-tier Mylar bags, designed to offer unparalleled protection against moisture, light, and air. Whether you’re storing flower, prerolls, or edibles, our Mylar bags ensure your items remain in pristine condition.

Highlights of Our Mylar Bags:

  • Superior Protection: Crafted from high-quality Mylar material, these bags offer robust protection against moisture, oxygen, and UV light, ensuring the longevity and freshness of your stored items.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for a range of items, from flower and prerolls to edibles and baked goods. Our Mylar bags adapt to your needs.
  • Sealable Design: Equipped with a resealable ziplock, our bags ensure airtight storage, locking in freshness and keeping contaminants out.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Made with durable materials, these bags are reusable, reducing waste and offering an environmentally conscious storage solution.

Why Our Mylar Bags Stand Out in the Market:

In a world where the quality of storage can make or break the integrity of products, our Mylar bags emerge as the go-to choice for those seeking reliability and performance. Their multi-layered design and sealable feature make them an indispensable asset for both households and businesses.

Mylar Bags Key Features:

  • Mylar Bags: The pinnacle of protective packaging, ensuring items remain fresh and intact.
  • High-Quality Storage: Our bags are the epitome of durability and protection, making them a market favorite.
  • Sustainable Solution: With their reusable nature, our Mylar bags are a nod to eco-friendly storage options.

Elevate Your Storage Game with Our Mylar Bags

For those seeking a storage solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, our Mylar bags are the answer. Dive into the world of premium protection and discover the difference our bags make.

Prioritize the safety and integrity of your items with our top-of-the-line Mylar bags.


1g (Gram), 3.5g (Eighth), 7g (Quarter), 28g/1oz (Ounce), 112g/1qp (Quarter Pound)


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