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100 Premium Gloss Labels – Shipped Within 24 Hours

Access to 4 Different Customizable Dispensary Label Templates w/ the Instant Download

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Unparallel Versatility & Quality

Shipped MONSTER COOKIES Mylar Bag Labels

  • Lot of 100 Labels (Quantity 1 = 100 Labels, Quantity 2 = 200 Labels, etc.)
  • Your labels print without grid lines.
  • Standard COA Size: 0.75″ x 1.75″
  • Shipped labels are printed with a high-quality 4800 DPI commercial printer on premium gloss stock.  You do not get Avery labels.
  • Don’t worry, if you leave anything blank, we’ll fill it in for you with the most authentic and relevant information.
  • Processed and shipped within 24 hours!


Download Template for MONSTER COOKIES Mylar Bag Labels

  • Bring label costs down to $0.01-0.02 per label by printing labels yourself at home.
  • You need an internet connection, an inkjet or laser printer, and standard letter size (8.5×11″) sticker label sheets (Avery 94220).
  • Avery 94220 labels (1″ x 2″) with rounded corners are a great substitute for standard size California COA labels.
  • Download includes a PDF with step-by-step instructions. Everything is covered from how to access the free software, to editing your label, to successfully printing your label.
  • No-Edit Instant Print PDF File Included (You get a PDF file you can immediately print directly onto Avery 94220 label sheets, no editing software necessary)
  • No refunds but we will work with you if you have any issues.


Master Download

  • You get all templates on the site as well as all No-Edit Instant Print labels like this one.
  • Access to all new labels and templates: You get access to all future labels we list on our site.  You can consider this a lifetime subscription!
  • No refunds but we will work with you if you have any issues.


Labels Used in the Cannabis Industry

*You also get all 3 types of label templates with the instant download!

  • Dateless Label: Placed on the front of the bag in dispensaries so you can see the THC % of the flower without flipping it over.
  • QR Label: Used by distributors to track product and potency.
  • UID Label: Used by stores to check you out.

3-Label Download Picture

Instant Download (Print yourself at home immediately) OR Shipped?

DOWNLOAD INSTANT PRINT PDF + ALL 4 LABEL TEMPLATES WITH ACCESS TO FREE ONLINE SOFTWARE TO PRINT THESE LABELS AT HOME ON YOUR INKJET OR LASER PRINTER (8.5×11" Label Sheets Needed), MASTER LABEL DOWNLOAD (8.5×11" Label Sheets Needed – Includes all templates on the site and all non-custom labels, no holograms), 100 x CUSTOM LABELS (I want to customize labels below and have 100 labels shipped to me)


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