Terpy Bags SMELLS LIKE JACK Steeping Bag (3.5g | 1/8th)


Terpene Enhancing Steeping Bags

Smells Like JACK!

For best results

  • Rearrange buds every 4 hours
  • Steep at least 72 hours

Turn something regrettable into something sellable!

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Terpy Bags SMELLS LIKE JACK Steeping Bag

Terpy Bags SMELLS LIKE JACK Steeping Bag (3.5g | 1/8th)



Simply insert Terpy Bags Steeping Bag into your eighth size mylar.  You can try to steep in the packaging it comes in, but it will only fit 1-2 grams.  Much better reviews than the spray.  These work great!  Really does smell just like Jack.

Terpy Bags Smells Like Jack
Cannabis not included. For marketing purposes only.

Terpy Bags

We sell the most accurate cannabis-flower-smelling terpenes on the market!

Does your flower suffer from any of the following?  Terpy Bags can help!

  • Grass or Hay Smell – Your flower smells like lawn clippings.  Should have been patient and trimmed it dry instead of wet!
  • Beef Teriyaki or Fireworks Smell – Your flower is getting old and turning on you.
  • Salt or Sulfur Smell – You fucked up pretty bad, but we can still help!

Does NOT help with mold smells!  Throw that shit away!


Please excuse the lack of strains.  Instead of hundreds of fake-smelling profiles, we concentrate on a few major business-oriented categories.

  • Jack Herer (Available Now – SMELLS LIKE JACK) Sweet & Citrus terpenes arguably account for half of all Sativa strains
  • OG (Coming Soon) We focus on 2 major OG profiles:
    1. Classic Earthy OG nose
    2. Piney OG nose
  • Glue (Coming Soon)
  • Gelato (Coming Soon)

Our Jack Herer is so convincing, we decided to introduce it as our flagship strain!




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