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Print ALL our labels at home!

Currently over 65 unique label templates (115+ templates total, and counting…)



DIY 420 Labels

DIY 420 Labels Instant Download.  Print ALL our labels at home instantly and for less than a penny each.

Pay once and get access to all new labels we make in the future.   You can consider this a lifetime subscription.

If you have internet connection, a desktop computer and a printer, all you’ll need are the label sheets.

Label Sheets

The most common home and office label size are 1″ x 2 5/8″ address labels (Avery 5160).  Many people already own these labels, so we made templates for them.

Click this link to find them for less than a penny each on Amazon.

DIY 420 Labels

We also made templates for (Avery 94220) 1″ x 2″ labels.  This is a common size for dispensary labels.  We recommend using them for the most authentic look.

Click this link to find them for less than a penny each on Amazon.

DIY 420 Labels

Finally, we added the new distributor label template many of you have been seeing on dispensary bags on Insta, etc.  They measure 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ (Avery 6467).

Click this link to find them for less than a penny each on Amazon.

DIY 420 Labels

DIY 420 Labels Instant Download

With your purchase, you get an instant download of ALL our label templates we use on our website.

This is a much more cost-effective means of printing labels than getting them made and shipped from us.

Response to #1 common question: This is not a template for all strains, just all the different brands and generic labels.  For example, you get the template for the Cookies label and from this, you can make endless strains.  Just change the information on the template to what you want.  You can copy the information from our labels on our site or enter your own.

Here are examples of some of the labels you can make.   You’ll get access to ALL label templates we use.  Search our website for more examples of the labels you will get.

Backpack Boyz DIY 420 LabelCookies DIY 420 LabelThe Rare DIY 420 LabelJoke's Up DIY 420 LabelZourz DIY 420 LabelHP Farms DIY 420 Label

DIY 420 Labels

In addition to the generic barcode labels and brand labels, you will get 23 different state cannabis labels.  You can’t edit the data on these, but you can print them out and write on them like they do in the dispensary.  Here are some examples.

California DIY 420 Generic LabelMaine & Massachusetts DIY 420 LabelOregon DIY 420 LabelOklahoma DIY 420 LabelCalifornia DIY 420 Medical LabelNew York DIY 420 Medical Label

Here’s a list of all the state labels you’ll get.

Alaska – Medical
Arizona – Medical
California – Generic
California – Medical
Colorado – Medical
Colorado – Recreational
Delaware – Medical
Hawaii – Medical
Illinois – Medical
Maine – Medical
Maine & Massachusetts – Recreational
Maryland – Medical
Michigan – Medical
Minnesota – Medical
Montana – Medical
Nevada – Medical
New Hampshire – Medical
New Jersey – Medical
New Mexico – Medical
New York – Medical
Oklahoma – Medical
Oregon – Medical
Oregon – Recreational
Pennsylvania – Medical
Rhode Island – Medical
Vermont – Medical
Washington – Medical
Washington – Recreational
Washington DC – Medical

Plus, more bonus surprise templates!

DIY 420 Labels Free Online Software

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