Custom Mylar Bags

Custom Mylar Bags

Our customers love the prices on our mylar bags so what would we be if we didn’t have the best pricing on custom bags?

Only $0.50 Per Bag

Our HD Vinyl custom mylar sticker bags start at only $0.50 per bag with no minimum quantity to commit to.  You can purchase just 1 bag as a sample before committing to more!

24 Hour Processing Time

We can process custom mylar orders within 1 day (up to 500 bags per day) and we ship all orders free from California.  Get it even faster with 1-2 day Express Mail!

High Quality

We offer the same or better quality as the leaders out there so why not try us out for your next project?  We have different finishes such as gloss and holographic.  We are the only ones that can do full-bleed sticker bags where the design goes to the edges of the bag instead of showing a thin border (extra charges apply).

Custom Printed Bags

If you prefer printed custom mylar bags, we can be your liaison instead of dealing with China yourself.  We know all the top mylar bag producers over there and can negotiate better prices and minimum quantities than you might be able to.  Reach out to us with your project and compare our price to your quoted price from China.  There’s a good chance we got them beat!

Personalized Customer Service

There’s a lot of back and forth with custom mylar bags.  We want to get your bag right.  We recommend texting/calling us at (619) 743-1152 to talk about your project so we can communicate effectively and get your project started ASAP.


**Custom Mylar Bags: Tailored Packaging for a Unique Cannabis Experience**

In the diverse world of cannabis packaging, there’s a rising trend that’s capturing the imagination of brands and consumers alike: Custom Mylar Bags. Offering a blend of personalization, protection, and panache, these bags are revolutionizing how we store and showcase cannabis. Let’s delve into the world of custom Mylar bags and discover the magic of bespoke packaging.


**The Allure of Customization:**
Custom Mylar bags are not just about storage; they’re about making a statement. Whether you’re a brand looking to stand out or a consumer seeking a personal touch, custom Mylar bags offer an opportunity to infuse personality, branding, and creativity into cannabis packaging.


**Why Custom Mylar Bags Are a Game-Changer:**
1. **Brand Brilliance:** For businesses, custom bags provide a canvas to showcase brand identity, logos, and unique designs, setting them apart in a competitive market.
2. **Personalized Protection:** Beyond aesthetics, these bags can be tailored to specific sizes and specifications, ensuring optimal protection for different cannabis products.
3. **Odor Originality:** Custom Mylar bags can be designed with enhanced odor-trapping capabilities, ensuring discretion while adding a touch of style.
4. **Eco-Expression:** Brands and consumers can opt for sustainable materials, marrying eco-consciousness with customization.
5. **Event Excellence:** For special occasions or promotional events, custom bags offer a unique way to celebrate and promote, making them memorable keepsakes.


**The Custom Revolution:**
Mylar bags are more than just packaging; they’re an expression of individuality and brand vision. Embraced by innovative brands and creative consumers, these bags are redefining the boundaries of cannabis packaging, one custom design at a time.


**Tips for Crafting the Perfect Mylar Bag:**
– **Design with Purpose:** Whether it’s showcasing a brand or celebrating an event, ensure your design resonates with its intended purpose.
– **Quality is Key:** While aesthetics are crucial, prioritize the quality of materials to ensure longevity and optimal protection.
– **Collaborate with Experts:** Partner with reputable manufacturers who understand the nuances of Mylar bag production for the best results.

Custom Mylar bags are where creativity meets functionality. They offer brands and consumers a chance to step outside the box, crafting a unique cannabis experience that resonates on a personal level. In the realm of cannabis packaging, Mylar bags are not just a trend; they’re the future.

Ready to craft a cannabis packaging experience that’s uniquely yours? Dive into our curated guide on Mylar bags and embark on a journey of creativity, quality, and individual expression. Make your mark with custom Mylar bags today!


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