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I want to be your business partner!

Let’s face it, labels are tough! Feels like you need a background in computer science to make them.

The weed biz is not the goldrush they said it would be. Impossible permitting, high taxes, and a thriving black market have driven weed-entrepreneurs out of business by the thousands. Most went on to new jobs and careers. I started printing bags and labels.

Weed packaging was a natural step for me. There’s a lot of people who sell bags online, but not enough that sell quality cannabis labels.

A batch sticker label goes hand-in-hand with any type of cannabis packaging. If a package is missing a sticker, it looks generic and fake. Stickers and labels give products authenticity and distinguish them as genuine. Critical data points are listed on labels such as expiration dates and batch numbers.

The problem with cannabis labels is you need to be proficient in the digital design business and then the printing business to produce quality stickers. China will not print small batches while local print shops give 2-3 week lead times and are expensive.

I pledge to partner with you in even your smallest projects to produce and deliver quality and relevant cannabis labeling in as quick as 24 hours. Custom, custom, custom seems to drive our mission. Partner with us and let us do quality custom work for you over and over again.

Bon Regards (Good Looks),

Jacques Cousteau

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2 thoughts on “I want to be your business partner!

  1. I want 1280 stickers but don’t wanna pay 400 I need a tax break for bulk

    1. Hi and thanks for asking. We can definitely give you a break for a large volume like this. I’ll send you an email with more details but we can do $0.15 per label for this amount.

      We also have an option for $99 + tax where we would give you a template of your choice, the program to edit it, along with full support and step-by-step instructions on how to set this all up. It’s actually very easy to use.

      Thanks and look for our email!

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