Upcoming Site Changes: New Price Structure – 100 Bags for $25 & Free Shipping

Google recently made changes that severely penalized sites like this. The truth is site rankings have always been relatively poor due to our unique price structure. However, we are usually found through the Google shopping tab. Now our ranking in the shopping tab have been restricted due to our price structure. We had a great conversation with Google. They said our current structure of low-priced products along with offering free shipping with orders of $119+ leads to a poor customer experience. In short, they are trending towards sites that offer blanket free shipping on all orders. Whether we agree or disagree, we are negatively affected by these new changes and are forced to comply. Thank you to all our loyal customers. Look out for a special listing for a variety of 100 bags for $25 & Free Shipping with a database of our loose bags where you can choose a custom variety similar like you can now. Also, take advantage of the 420 coupon code while you can as it will be restricted on the new listings. Once the site is finished renovations, there will be a new coupon code structure introduced.

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